Poor Lost Circus Performers is always looking for fun and energetic people to join our merry band.  We are currently in particular need of people in these categories:

Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager
Our running crew typically consists of a Stage Manager and an Assistant who oversee operations, including props and set changes, and everything else logistical.

Make-Up and Costume Team
Be a part of the fun during the run of the show, helping cast members with their make-up and costume changes.

Promo Team
Help us spread the word, with photos and press in all the various media as we try to sell as many tickets as possible!

Concessions and Raffle Staff
We sell raffle tickets before and after the show, as well as at intermission, when we also sell snacks! Click here to sign up to work a show.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please find us on Facebook to let us know! We’ll get in touch with you and invite you to our next Production Meeting.