Formed in 2017, Poor Lost Circus Performers takes pride in its “young, scrappy, and hungry” way of putting on a show.  We hope to have many more opportunities to bring fun, unpretentious, low-budget, and inclusive theatre to friends and relations in this part of the world.

As Syndi Zook, former Executive Director of Lyric Theatre Company always said, “You don’t have to have any talent to be a part of community theatre.” This is a profound statement in so many ways. Unlike almost every other endeavor, you can show up and community theatre will find a place for you where you can add something to the wonder of it all. And if you don’t know how to do something that you want to do, there’s a really good chance that somebody there will help you learn (and eventually it will be your turn to teach somebody else). That’s the way it works, and we’re here to keep it going.

You—the audience—are an important part of this, too. Even though 17th-century Spanish writer Lope de Vega wrote that for theatre one needs “three boards, two actors, and one passion,” it’s better when there’s an audience.  We look forward to seeing you at the theatre.